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Thomas Hervey

My Research


Geographic Information Science

The demand for geographic information continues to grow. My research explores the way people interact with geographic information systems, the conceptual fundamentals of spatio-temporal information, and the means for making GIS tools better.


Information Retrieval

The need to organize and make sense of data is the first step towards information gain. My research explores how people search for spatial information and identifies gaps between what users and receive.


Spatial Cognition

Informed tools are built based on our cognition and should not alter our ways of thinking. My research explores incongruencies between people's understanding of vague and non-vague places, their bounds, and where those places are located. Building informed tools is using one's powers for good.


About Me

I've lived in the Baltimore-DC area for most of my life. In 2014, I received bachelor of arts and science degrees in Geography and Information Systems from UMBC. After a year of working, programming, and attending basement shows in Baltimore, I started a PhD program at UCSB. I am in my fourth year. When I am not working on my research or my lab's research, you can find me hiking the High Sierra, climbing, 3D printing a Catan board, home brewing, working with Santa Barbara, restoring the San Marcos Foothills Preserve, or working on ReactJS and linked data MOOCs.
Let's build something.

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